Sola Bread nourishes and comforts. Our four basic elemental ingredients -- organic flour, water, natural leaven and sea salt -- are mixed, shaped, fermented and baked into a loaf that’s perfectly crackly and sharp on the outside but spongy and soft on the inside. Our process of using natural leaven and longer fermentation periods breaks down the gluten in a way that’s wholesome and good for the body. It’s a miracle of life that we don’t have to just survive our days, but we can live them beautifully.

Where to enjoy/pick-up:

Main location (purchase or pick-up):
2453 Earl Campbell, Tyler, TX 75701

Rose City Farmer's Market: RE-OPENS APRIL 2019
236 S. Broadway Ave., Tyler, Texas 75703

How to enjoy:

  • Pre-order: Fill out the contact form with your order information.

  • Come visit us on Saturday (starting at 9am) at our new location.

*Note: Because we're using the best and freshest ingredients we can find, our pastries and breads rotate week to week.

For a list of this week's bake items please check out our Facebook page.