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From Our Table to Yours


The word companion literally translates to with bread, indicating that a shared meal connects those who feast together.

Join our table. Here you’ll find a family business of brothers and sisters who love each other, who love our community, and who love baking beautiful things. Sola began with a commitment to bake the best bread Tyler has ever tasted, and we strive to harmonize the marriages of science and art, process and craftsmanship, sweet and savory.

When you enjoy our pizzas, pastries or bread, we hope you’ll notice the textures. We think you’ll appreciate the interplay of flavors. We know you’ll taste the high-quality nourishment. But most of all, we pray you’ll connect with the person sitting across from you, next to you, and down the table from you.

Welcome to Sola Bread Co.


‪(903) 871-5772‬


2453 Earl Campbell
Tyler, TX 75701


Sat 9am-12pm

Pizza Kitchen Hours
Wed: 5pm-8pm
Thurs: 5pm-8pm
Fri: 11:30pm-1:30pm
Sat: 9am-9pm


When reformer Martin Luther developed the five solas of the Christian faith, his hope was to restore theology back to its essentials. At Sola, we aspire to do the same.

Our base ingredients are profoundly elemental: flour, water, leaven and salt. We’re creating a product that isn’t just something people need, but actually nourishes them in a way that’s intentional through its quality and simplicity.


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